Workers' Compensation Attorneys

Have you been injured on the job? Exposed to toxic chemicals without proper warnings or equipment? Suffered damage as the result of improperly maintained or modified equipment while at work?

There is an entire system set up to handle cases just like yours. The workers' compensation structure is designed to provide a relatively fast, efficient resolution of claims of injuries suffered while on the job. The laws were changed in 1990, 1994 and again just recently in 2003 that drastically reduced the amount and duration of benefits available through the workers' compensation system to injured workers. However, this still remains one of the most effective ways to be compensated for your injuries. In some cases, an injured worker is limited to recovering only medical bills and lost wages, and in other cases, an injured worker can recover pain and suffering damages and future medical bills and lost wages.

Your employer has a duty to give you a safe workplace and warn you of any hazards that are associated with your job. When the company where you work employer fails to fulfill its obligation to you, you should receive all of the benefits allowable under the law. Your employer shouldn't be allowed to get away with allowing you to work in substandard conditions. And if these conditions have resulted in the death of your loved one, you may be eligible for workers' compensation in addition to a wrongful death claim.

We have the expertise to evaluate your claim and to help you bring it. We will explain how the workers' compensation system works, how you can receive both short-term and long-term disability benefits, and whether you have a personal injury case. In some cases you can bring a claim for past injuries as well. Whether your case involves asbestos exposure, welding rod exposure, a severe orthopedic injury such as the loss of a limb or carpal tunnel syndrome, we are ready and committed to assisting you in receiving all of your workers' compensation benefits allowed by law.