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The Law Offices of Eben C. Self is a personal injury law firm based in Orlando, Florida, devoted exclusively to the representation of injured persons and families who have suffered serious injury or death caused by the negligence of another person or a defective product. We focus our practice in the areas of Automobile Accidents, Defective Products and Medical Negligence.

As Consumer Justice Attorneys at The Law Offices of Eben C. Self, we passionately pursue justice for those who are harmed by the misconduct of insurance companies and corporations. We believe we are each our brother's keeper and that we must be held personally accountable for our actions. Insurance Companies and corporations are not exempt from this moral imperative. We represent clients in civil actions involving unsafe motor vehicles, wrongful denial of insurance coverage, bad faith insurance practices, and other forms of personal injury and wrongful death. At the Law Offices of Eben C. Self, we believe in the American legal system and are honored and humbled when asked to seek justice for the injured, the maimed and the dead.

Our only business is JUSTICE and we are here to serve.

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Eben C. Self is a Trial Attorney with emphasis on wrongful death, medical malpractice, nursing home neglect, automobile accidents, truck accidents, premises liability, complex litigation and personal injury plaintiff practice.

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