Recent Settlements

We thank our co-counsel and clients for the confidence they have placed in us. Because of New Florida Bar Regulations we cannot display our past results. Please inquire from the attorney about his litigation experience.

$2.2 Million Settlement against Orlando Corporation and Parent of teenage driver

Automobile Accident - Multiple Pelvic fractures, herniated disc, torn ligaments in knee, temporary paralysis of lower leg of 36 year old Latino female. Driver lost control of vehicle and rolled over pedestrian Plaintiff. Orange County.

$950,000 Wrongful Death Settlement against Trucking Company in Ocala

Automobile Accident - Wrongful Death of 54 year old disabled woman who was survived by her 24 year old son who had spent last five years abroad in the Navy. Tractor-trailer failed to observe Descedent's vehicle stopped at traffic light. Marion County.

$672,000 Jury Verdict against Lowe's Lumber Co.

Jury awarded $672,000 to an Orlando family in general Negligence case. The Plaintiff suffered a Closed Head injury after he was hit in the head by a metal buckle on a strap that was tying down a load of drywall at a construction site. Orange County.

$550,000 Settlement from State Farm for Injuries in a One Car Accident

Automobile Accident - 19 year old Caucasian male suffered a fractured acetabulum with open reduction and internal fixation and loss of field of vision in one eye from a one car roll-over crash. Volusia County.

$375,000 Award at Trial for Man Assaulted at Tattoo Parlor

After Trial, Plaintiff was awarded $375,000 after he was assualted by employee of Downtown Orlando Tattoo Parlor. Employee attacked Plaintiff after he ate a cracker that was in a box left on the counter. Plaintiff suffered injuries to face, neck and fractured his jaw. He also suffered mild closed head injury which required hospitalization directly after the attack.

$350,000 Resolution for Sheriff's Deputy Injured at Seminar

Premises Liability - Acoustic Ceiling tile was saturated with water from a leaky roof and fell twenty feet on Plaintiff. 30 year old Deputy Sheriff was attending a seminar when injured. Herniated Disc. Palm Beach County, Florida.

$350,000 Settlement for Leesburg Auto Accident

Automobile Accident - The presuit offer was zero and liability was disputed. After depositions of the Defendant truck driver Travelers Insurance paid $350,000 to our 36 year old female client, mother of two. She had suffered a fractured ankle with open reduction and internal fixation in a T-bone collision with Defendant's Cargo truck. Lake County.

$300,000 Policy Limits Awarded to Family after Babysitter failed to supervise children during rough play.

General Negligence - Neighbor babysitter failed to supervise her 11 year-old son who during rough play injured Plaintiff, a 3 year old Hatian child. Babysitter failed to timely call for medical help. Initial offer to prior attorney was zero ($0). Tendered policy limits just after lawsuit was filed. Lake County.

$250,000 Settlement in Rear-End Auto Accident with Minor Property Damage

Automobile Accident - Rear-End collision with minor property damage resulted in herniated disc and surgery for 34 year old African-American female. Orange County.

$175,000 Settlement for Motorcyclist Cut-off in Traffic

After filing lawsuit and over one year of litigation later, Safeco Insurance Company of Illinois agreed to pay $175,000 to resolve case where there insured pulled out in front of motorcyclist causing him to lay the bike down. Although, the motorcyclist refused treatment on the day of crash, he had injuries to his knee, neck and back. The crash happened in Cocoa, Brevard County, Florida.

$107,000 Settlement Includes $7000 above policy limits in Orlando

Automobile Accident - 36 year old Latino Mother injured in Car Crash received $7000 above the policy limits for fractured leg. Defendant paid damages out of his own pocket above the policy limits. Orange County.

$105,000 Paid for Dog Attack in Melbourne Park

Dog Attack - Defendant paid $5000 above policy limits to settle dog attack case. Plaintiff, a 3 year old Caucasian boy was playing in park when attacked by the dog and suffered facial scarring. The settlement included structured payments guaranteed for 20 years that brought present value of settlement well over $400,000. Brevard County.

$60,000 Settlement for Slip and Fall at Melbourne Hilton Hotel Deck

After denying liability and making no offer presuit, Melbourne Florida Hilton Hotel agreed to pay $60,000 to resolve a slip and fall premises liability lawsuit with 70 year old Plaintiff. Plaintiff claimed the deck was negligently designed and dangerous because of several changes in elevation and failure to warn of danger.