Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions that we hear the most.

What is my case worth?

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question. If your case involves a personal injury claim, you may be entitled to money damages for your medical expenses, wage loss and pain and suffering. The exact value of your case is dependent upon the circumstances surrounding how your accident occurred, the severity of the injuries susained and the amount of medical expenses and wage loss (both past and future).

How much will legal services cost me?

If your case involves personal injury or wrongful death, then the legal fee will be a percentage of your gross recovery. If you do not obtain a recover, then there is no fee owed. If your case involves a commercial dispute or physician peer review, then you will be charged an hourly rate.

Who will pay for my medical bills?

Generally, if you have been injured in an automobile accident and you own a car, then your own insurance company will pay 80% of your medical bills up to a maximum of $10,000, regardless of who was at fault for causing the accident. If you were not at fault for causing the accident, the remaining 20% balance will be included as part of your claim against the at-fault driver. If you were at fault for the accident, then you will be responsible for the balance.

Where will my lawsuit be filed?

If a lawsuit must be filed in your case, the venue will depend on several factors. In general, if you have a personal injury case, the lawsuit will be filed in either the county where the accident occurred or the county where the defendant resides. If you case involves a commercial dispute, the venue will depend on a variety of factors which can include contractual terms, if applicable, the location where the dispute occurre, and the location of any property involved.

How long will my case take?

With personal injury claims, we will generally seek a settlement soon after your doctor releases you from further medical treatment.