Pharmaceutical Products

In recent years, as pharmaceutical manufacturers have sought to outdo each other, dangerous drugs have made it to market. In certain instances, manufacturers have been aware of the dangers involved, but have chosen to ignore their own research. At the Orlando, Florida Law Office of Eben C. Self, we represent people suffering from the adverse health effects of dangerous drugs.

Consult Your Doctor

Depending on the drug in question, you could be at increased risk for heart attack, stroke, gastro-intestinal disorders, angina, birth defects, suicide, or other health problems. In the case of Bextra, skin blistering and sepsis occur in some patients, including Johnson's Syndrome - a life threatening allergic reaction to environmental compounds.

A medical consultation and evaluation by your doctor is an important first step in determining if you might have been the victim of a dangerous drug. If you haven't done so already, consult your doctor to gain more information about your symptoms.

Preparing Your Case

Documenting your symptoms is important in any case involving a dangerous drug. The lawyers at the Law Office of Eben C. Self are prepared to use your medical records, medical expert testimony, and the public record to hold pharmaceutical manufacturers liable for the harm they cause.

Our attorneys are familiar with the research, the evidence and testimony. In certain cases like that of Vioxx, Merck (its manufacturer) was aware of the drug's dangers from its own research and data. In many instances, incontrovertible evidence already exists that the lawyers at the Law Office of Eben C. Self are prepared to use in aggressively pursuing your case.