Insurance Dispute Attorneys

You have suffered a loss that you thought would be covered by insurance but now the insurance company is telling you that they won't pay. You don't understand the reason behind the denial and you really don't understand why you've been paying your insurance bills for all these years. It's frustrating.

The insurance companies are so big and you feel like they aren't taking you very seriously. After all, since they already have your money, why should they worry about how you are being treated?

We care about how you are being treated by your insurance company. Just in the last few years, there has been a disturbing increase in the number of cases where insurance companies refuse to pay out for no good reason. We are here to stand by you and help you battle your insurance company. You have paid into that company and now you deserve to have them stand by their policy.

I worked for the insurance companies as an insurance defense attorney for 4 years. I know how insurance companies think and work. I can help you receive the benefits of your policy as you should.